End Fed Half Wave Antenna Tuner

Here is a neat little project that I keep seeing pop up. --EFHWA

At some point this season I would like to build one or two of these. They would make
a nice addition to some of summer camping trips and visits out of town to visit friends
and relatives. I have always wanted a simple station that I can take on the road.
Maybe something like this and KX1 or a Rockmite might be the ticket.


I probably have all of the parts sitting on the workbench and in the parts bins. This
might be a fun weekend project with Jacob KD0JZJ and/or Ben KD0JZK. The kids might
enjoy making a contact with a wire antenna.

PS... A follow-up note to the original post....

Scott N0AR suggested visiting the following site:


I had forgotten about the AA5TB site... it has a huge amount of information. A great
place to geek out about EFHWA ideas.