Serial Ports for Linux and XP-VirtualBox

I have a nice Linux dual core PC in my shack that I use for most of my radio activities. I need the ability to run Writelog for a radio contest this weekend. (My son wants to operate the Minnesota QSO Party on Saturday from our QTH.)  I decided to install XP in a VirtualBox.

Last night I spent 4 hours trying to the serial ports to pass-thru with limited success.
In the end I decided to move the couple of ports that I need to USB. The USB pass-thru
works awesome. My XP virtual machine sees the ports as standard serial or USB depending
on what the device is.  The performance is awesome... I am really impressed at
how response the XP session is. I reconfigured my general purpose logging program
(CQRLOG.... it ROCKS!) so that it uses the USB ports as well.

Ideally I would like to find a Linux based software solution for contesting. I suspect
that it is do-able once I do some more research. (I did try the MNQP logger and Writelog
under WINE with very limited success.)

Here is my device mapping:

Linux Native

/dev/ttyS0 = PSK Warbler

/dev/ttyS1 = former port for Rigblaster Pro

/dev/ttyS2 = former port for IC-756 CIV

/dev/ttyS3 = Elecraft K2

/dev/ttyUSB0 = K1EL Keyer

/dev/ttyUSB1 = Rigblaster Pro

/dev/ttyUSB2 = IC-756

Linux-->XP Virtual Machine

/dev/ttyUSB1 = Rigblaster Pro (Com1)

/dev/ttyUSB2 = IC-756 (Com2)

/dev/ttyUSB0 = K1EL Keyer (Com3)