2010 MNQP - It's in the log

Ben (KD0JZK) and I (NG0R) operated the Minnesota QSO Party today.

We got on the air around 10:30am. (I had to take Joe to basketball this AM prior to
being able to play radio.) I figure that we probably spent about 3-3.5 hours on the
air. Ben had a pretty nice pile-up on 20m SSB for about 60 minutes to start the contest. 
After lunch he operated for little while and then took a break to visit the XBOX.
I picked up some county and state multipliers on CW search & pounce style during
his break. About the time that we were going to wrap up we had another quick run on
40m SSB to end the radio event.

The score is pretty modest. I was pretty happy with the fact that all of the SSB contacts
we completed by Ben while I did the logging. This is first real exposure to trying
to run a pile-up. (Ben is 9 years old.) A kid's voices is like adding 10db to the
strength of your signal.

We decided to call the event around 2:30p as we had a project for school that we needed
to work on that involved a small road trip and some time on a friend's lathe.

It was a fun way to burn a few hours generating RF.

73 de NG0R