Laying out a PCB - Part 2

Here is the schematic from yesterday.

Here is an image of the updated single sided board layout.

  • I changed the resistors and capacitors with some self brewed parts in FreePCB. The
    new parts have 120 mil pads so that they can be drilled with a 1/16 drill. (I have
    smaller bits on order.)

  • I created a new NPN TO-92 part with the emitter, base, and collector layer the same
    as my PN2222 and 2N3904 layout. I created the parts with 120 mil pads.

  • I also created a part layout for some T50 toroids that will be used as the input and
    output transformers.

  • The area with the cross hatch is the copper ground on the empty space on the board.

The image below is what it will look like when I print on the "print and peel" transfer
paper. The only difference is that it will mirrored at the final printing. (The tool
that I am using to read the Gerber file has a mirror option in the printer settings.)

The image below shows what the silk screen would look like if I was going to send
it off to a commercial board shop. In my case I will just use it as a layout tool
when I plug in the parts.

I hope to etch the board on Saturday pending other family related duties & projects.