Alan Yates - 30m QRSS beacon

Alan has a neat site with lots of details on how he built his 30m QRSS beacon.

I like Alan's thinking. You spend a lot of noodling thru math & variables as you
work thru these circuit designs. Alan has put many of his calculators online.

So far I have been putting my calculators into a spreadsheet. It is easy and to be
real honest I don't always trust the calculators so I am little reluctant to publish
them until I have done some testing and have some faith in model. Granted they are
just a tool to point you in the general direction as the results in the real world
might vary a bit.

Back to the QRSS project for a minute. It is interesting looking at Alan's site. I
am also playing with 2N3904 and 2N7000 parts and pondering the use of varactor diodes
to swing the tuning. I planning to use a PIC for the keying but the the Atmel family
is another popular solution.

Fun reading.

73 de NG0R