30m Oscillator (Night 9)

I am trying to squeeze in a few minutes of knack time after work and before dinner.

I started putting some of the components of my project into LTSpice.  Right now
I just have the oscillator, follower, and the lowpass filter in the circuit. I am
see unity gain at the moment but that is expected since there is no gain stage in
the circuit yet. I plan to extend the model a bit a see what it might look like with
some gain.

It will be interesting to see how this plays. I should model this out and then build
a new board and compare the results. (Maybe... depends on how the weekend plays out.)

I have some supplies on order so that I can start making printed circuit boards in
addition to Manhattan Pad construction and Island construction. The island construction
method is pretty quick but it is hard to drive much density compared to a pcb laid
out on the computer and run thru the laser printer & toner transfer process.

73 de NG0R