30m Oscillator (Night 6)

Last night I was messing with the modeling tools and getting weird answers that did not make sense. Ultimately it was time to go to the bench and put some parts on the breadboard.

Initially I stated out with with the values listed in night 5 schematic. I was not
happy with the power levels. I chatted with N0FP a bit and we came up with some different
values to push up the gain. That presented a new issue... my circuit got hungry. At
one point it was consuming 131mA to get 18dB of gain.  N0FP suggested that maybe
I should put my circuit on a diet.

After pondering this a bit I changed the values to those listed on the schematic/picture
above. Now I am getting 10dB of gain and consuming 35mA of power. This is better but
still seems kind of hungry for the power levels that I am creating in class A.

I would like to see 10dB of gain at 6mA. I will need to ponder this some more. It
might also be time to grab a 2N3904 and compare the results against the PN2222.

Lots of learning going on... slowly moving the ball forward.