NPNs for making power

I looked up what the Elecraft folks are using in their K2 to create RF at some real levels. (I love my K2.)


PreDriver: 2N5109 ($1.87 at Mouser)


Driver: 2SC2166 ($3.95/12.70 at RF Parts)

-- The 2SC2166 is rated for 3-4 watts of power at HF freqs


Finals: 2SC1969 ($9.95 at RF Parts)

-- Running a push-pull pair

-- The 2SC1969 is rated for 10-14 watts in class AB.

-- I can confirm that a 2SSC1969 is good for 7-10 watts running by it's self.


My K2 will generate 10-14 watts of power with 2-3 amps of power. At rest it draws
about 300mA.


Interesting stuff as I work thru how to make some RF power.  I will have
to search on eBay for some of these parts as the high end parts are probably a buck
a piece or so compared to the normal sources.