SO2R box from K1XM

SO2R = Single operator two radio


While my interest
my hard core contesting has diminished over time and as I become more committed to
building & testing I still enjoy some of the innovation that comes from the contest
community. The K1XM box is kind of neat. The K1XM box is need because they are trying
to establish a open source protocol/standard for how to talk to this type of interface

The image & text is from the K1XM web page... go visit... it
is good reading.

I have been pondering building own mic, key,
speaker, etc kind of relay/switch box for more than a year based upon of of own requirements.
My box is just a concept with the details written down in my "idea book." For now
(ok... back in December 2009) I decided to reduce the amount of clutter on my desk
by focusing my primary station on my Icom
, Elecraft K2 and
a Small Wonder Labs PSK Warbler
for 80m.

Eventually I will probably build a matrix switching box but it will be a little ways
down the road. It is fun to read about how other people solve these types of problems
in the mean time.