Field Day antennas

For some reason I started searching for Field Day info and started looking at antennas again. I have some nice mono band wire dipoles that I built for the 2009 Field Day weekend. They play well but it does become a challenge to find enough trees in my campsites to hang all of them from.

I would like to find something simpler to operate 20-40-80.  Something like an
G5RV or End Fed might be options.

The G5RV for 80m is about 102' long.

The Par Electronics end-fed is another antenna that I hear a lot of QRP folks mention
with positive responses. The 10/20/40 is about 40' long.

At the end of the day it is all a comprise... but if I operate QRP (solo) I can't
afford too much loss as my signal is already pretty small. For 2010 my plans might
include having my two older sons with me operate as a multi-single style station which
would probably mean that I need to pull out my big radio and think about QRO ~ 100w
since they will probably want to operate SSB and I will probably end up filling in
on CW when they don't want to operate.


More notes:

Great write up on home made end fed dipoles:  (You have to love the toroid based