BASIC for the PIC (programming)

I am looking to do some programming on some PIC MCUs in the near future. I have two boards sitting around my office. One take a 9 pin serial and the other takes a USB. I am really not a Assembly or C developer and I am resistant to go down that path unless I am really in love with the platform.

A friend at work owns and recommends the Mikro line. I am in interested in Mikro and
Proton and think that Great Cow might be interesting just to see what it looks like.

Mikro Basic

Proton PICBasic

Great Cow Basic



Here are some other links and notes that I dug up a couple of weeks ago:

Looks nice.. but it appears that new development is slowing down on this package


Instruction manual:


BASIC example of writing to an LCD:


Might be work a look:


Tool Comparison:


Some people use this for a 18 series PIC.


Another Basic tool:


Basic compiler and simulator: