What has society come to? (school closed)

Here is rant to my team at work today about school closings:


It is a little cold in Minnesota today so they decide to start canceling school in
many of the various school districts.

I am fairly young… but “back in my day” they would NOT close schools unless the building
burnt down or the snow drifts were taller than the plow trucks/tractors. I was taught
as a child that we here in Minnesota are hearty folk that enjoy and embrace our winter
season. (Wow…. I do sound like a grumpy old man.)

So what is the big deal with -27F air temp and a wind child of -41?  (Ok that
is from the next town 10 miles west of me.) My home weather station went “off scale”
when the temp exceeded -30 at 7:30am in my rural Meeker County location.

It appears that monsters 1, 2, and 3 (also known as Jacob[10], Ben[8], and Joe[6])
will be home with dad today. I will be WFH with the monsters at other end of the house
as I have a full day booked with conference calls.


So one of my peers on the east coast responded with this:


So the moral of the story... it warmer at the South Pole in the summer than it is
in the winter in Minnesota.