Geocaching 2009-01-11

Ben has been talking about wanting to go out hunting for a Geocache. I finally got
around to doing a bit of research to figure out the details of the sport. I was familiar
with the overview but needed some details to get us going.

Today we decided to go out and hunt for two local caches in the middle of the deep
freeze that we like to call winter.

The first was for: Kings
Town on the Crow by yoteman (GCZJ19)

After trying to find a place to park the car (LOTS of snow) and then hiking over to
the coordinates we fumbled around in the snow for about 10 minutes looking for the
cache. Ben found it on his own even though it was completely covered with snow.

Ben the treasure hunter

The pill bottle blends into the background

Some tokens

Some other hunters in the log


The second hunt of the afternoon was for:

Francis by Lloyd family (GC130VD)

After about 10 minutes of walking around and looking right at the spot we figured
it out. It was covered by enough snow that we used a small emergency shovel to dig
it out.

The proud hunter

Nice link in the in lid!

I think that we swim here in the summer... hmm.

Here are a list of some of the Geocaches near our home:

Overall a pretty fun afternoon hiking around in the 10 degree weather. Ben was pretty
excited about this hobby after todays adventure. I have to think that is is more fun
in the other thee seasons.

We plan to try to look for some more caches next weekend.