2009 ARRL January VHF Contest

Another January VHF contest has come and gone.

Wow... conditions were bad. It was a struggle to work beyond the metro ring. It seemed
like there were quite a few less stations on the air then I would expect.

It was a nice to work a contest where I did not need to build anything for the station
nor make any repairs. I turned everything on 2 hours before the event began.

I have to be honest and say that I did not play very hard. It was a pretty slow event
so I had CNN on in the office and I was messing around on the other computers as well.
I let the voice keyer running pretty actively on the run radio/band while listening
on the second rig.

Hopefully the for the next contest I will have the K2 integrated into the station.
I am also looking at adding a SDR rig to drive the high bands.

My goal was 10,000 points but there were not enough stations on air, band openings,
or high band qso's to make that happen.

Grids Worked on 144MHz