Linux Firefox vs. DasBlog (W2K3)

I just found an interesting issue. I am playing with Ubuntu on
my laptop and decided to post some notes to my blog. From Linux Firefox I can't control
the format of the content that I posting to my blog. I am unable to add carriage returns
or things like bold or italics because DasBlog is
using XP/Win32/IE centric controls. .......Argghhhhh (I normally post my notes from
my Blogjet client on XP)

I figured it out... I need to post the HTML code for breaks and such to make the formating

Argghhh.... this sucks. I need to find a better way to post to my blog from Ubuntu
Firefox. I wonder if there is a DasBlog or Blogger based
Api tool for Linux?

Firefox on Linux Ubuntu - DasBlog

IE7 on XP SP2 - DasBlog