Great Morning Pictures

Last night was crystal clear when I was getting ready for bed. I decided to set my
alarm for 5:30am (my normal wake up time during the work week) so that I could get
up before sunrise. Sunday morning (Easter) the alarm when off and I looked out the
window and it was a cloudless morning. I put on some clothes and then jumped into
the car (the car always have one or two cameras ready to go.)

I drove about 20 minutes east of my house heading towards the sunrise. During my daily
commute into the big city (I work in the office 3 days per week) I drive
past a small country church. I have been thinking about this church for a few
weeks as a potential photo subject for a possible sunrise, sunset, or maybe even
a lightning photo. As it turns out the sunrise at point in the season is
not exactly where I want it to be for this photo. I decided to punt and shoot
a pre-sunrise picture. I tried a couple of long exposures with and without filters.

I will export the images from the CF cards later today and burn them to CD before
I look at them. (My standard practice is burn them to CD or DVD before viewing
or editing.) I would like to make it one of my first images on the new photo
blog if I can get the new photo blog uploaded today. (I also captured a few images
yesterday so that I can some photos in the can for the blog.)

I am thinking that the photo blog will help me shoot on a daily (or near daily) basis
because I need to feed the site. Over the past few years I have been shooting less
(it happens with a full time+ job and a family) but focusing on producing higher quality
images. I am not a very good snapshot kind of photographer and tend to have a focus
or mission behind many of my photos. (Probably the photojournalist in me coming out
again from my previous career.)

Over all it was a great start to an Easter Sunday. (Sunrise, good photos, listening
to podcasts in the car, and put a few miles on the car and cameras... good for the

-I will try to post a picture or two later.

Here is a link
to one possible way to photoblog that I am considering.