Simple Victories (Linux Laptop Wireless)

After quite a bit of work (more like battle) I finally have my Laptop running Ubuntu 6.10
working with my wireless network. I have two Cisco PCMCIA cards and it turns out that
one of them worked perfect as soon as I set it up and one of them does not want to
play nice. --Guess which one I tried first.

As much as I might like to bash (no pun) Linux driver support... the configuration
and setup is very similar to Windows XP. Once I got a good working card it pretty
much “just worked.”

When time permits I will pull out both cards and try to post the information in the
blog for other folks that might be battling through their wireless woes.


  • The card that I battled with is a AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 which is a Cisco card with
    the Atheros chip site.

    (I can't make it work in XP either because I can't download the drivers
    from the Cisco site because it requires a Cisco userID and my ID expired a few years

  • The card that works is a AIR-PCM350 which is also a Cisco card. I can add/remove it
    hot and it works as planned.