Weekend Trips

I spent quite a bit of time in the car this weekend with my son(s).

On Saturday Jacob and I got on the road headed to southwestern Minnesota to take
some pictures. We stopped and visit a friend near Marshall,
. Jacob thought it was great to take a break from the car ride and play with
some kids. It was fun to see Tom and Lisa again as it has been a couple of years.
(Marshall is about 110 miles from our home.) It was not a great photo trip but we
did manage to capture some photos prior to returning home for pizza with the

On Sunday we had to run to the big city so that I could ship off my Icom
that I sold earlier in the week. Jacob and Joe both came with. After
dropping off the radio at Fedex-Kinko we drove across town. A little BK
lunch, a walk around the grounds of Fort
, and then over to take pictures at Fort
Snelling National Cemetery
. Jacob and I took some photos while Joe got restless
waiting on us.  Jacob would point at a headstone and then I would read
the details to him which he thought was pretty neat. On the way out of the cemetery
we saw some neat headstones for veterans of the Spanish
American war

The photos from the two weekend trips will appear on the photoblog for
the next 10 days or so. Jacob and I be headed back to the cemetery latter this summer
once the leaves are on the trees and flags have been raised. There is a lot of history
within the grounds of Fort
Snelling National Cemetery