Ubuntu blogging clients with Dasblog

Over the weekend I was working on testing some Linux based blogging clients with
Dasblog. Jason sent an email asking for details on how I made it work. I thought that I
would share the details with the public in case other folks needed the information. 

For Dasblog the keys to remember are:

1. Find the blogger.aspx file on your website.

2. Try the Blogger API first.

3. Try the MetaWeblog API second (if step 2 does not work.)

Tool Specific Notes:

Drivel Journal Editor:

-Set the type to Blogger 1.0

-Setup your server address like: http://myserver/blog/blogger.aspx



Blog Entry Poster:

-Type: Self-Run other

-Protocol: MetaWeblog



Firefox Scribefire:

This is a little more complex so I created a PDF with the notes from
my configuration.

to the PDF