Drivel Journal Editor

I am trying out another blog client tool on Ubuntu: Drivel Journal Editor.

This tool looks like it has the standard text formating tools that you would expect.
I am not exactly sure how to set the Title of the post quite yet. This tool looks
like it might have some potential as a remote blog composition tool. It will probably
require some time for me to run it through it's paces. Overall... these tools that
I am trying on Linux are no where near the level of BlogJet for
the Windows based platforms. BlogJet rocks
and eveything has been a brutal second place.

-Follow-up: DJE completely screwed up the title of the post. I had to login from the
web interface and fix the title of the post. I am not going to be huge fan of this
tool either. Why is so hard to find a good Blog Client to use for remote composition
and uploading on the Linux platform?  Argghhh... the battle goes on.