Video Editing

I have been working with Adobe Premiere Elements on a Duo Core laptop running Windows
XP. Actually I have been working with several different programs but I have sort of
settled on Premiere Elements when I am using XP. I put together a neat little project
with Time Lapse video of a thunderstorm from early this summer.

I am looking for a good tool on the Ubuntu Linux platform. I am in the process of
installing a couple of different tools like:

KDENLIVE, Pitivi, Avidemux, and LiVES.
I would really like to find something for Linux that is comparable to Elements.

I am also entertaining the idea of moving to the Mac. There are a couple of options
on the Mac including Elements.

I have a video project that I am working on right now. I will need to put on a second
USB drive and mount on my Ubuntu laptop. I have to admit the LiVES looks pretty cool
but I will need to see how well it really plays in the real world.