Almost ready for winter

I spent a few hours today getting the garage ready for winter. We have a two stall
and single stall garage attached to our house. During the summer the single stall
(third stall) was used as a project/construction area.  I (with the help
of my son Ben) stacked up the lumber into the lumber pile, hung up some HF antenna
and boom pieces, hauled off all of the recyclable material, and swept everything out.
I also hung up the bikes for the season. I also fabricated and mounted some plow
shoes on the blade for my tractor.

My Saturn is now in the third stall and my wife's van share the big stall with our
tractor. The Tahoe will spend most of the winter outside. It has a new battery so
I am not too worried about leaving it out this winter.

I have a couple more outdoor chores that I would like to take care off, but I am about
ready for snow and freezing weather.

Winter in Minnesota is hard to gauge... some years we have snow between Halloween
and Thanksgiving... other years it could be February before we see much of the white