Cinelerra for Linux

I am trying to install Cinelerra on Ubuntu. I can't find a repository for Gusty that
has the package. So after googling around for a few minutes I found that
has a set of instructions for installing Cinelerra.

This is a highly recommended application for video editing on Linux. It will be interesting
to see if I can get it working on Ubuntu Gusty. I have to admit that this install
is exactly what I dislike about Linux. I have been using Linux off and on again since
1993. I can make the basic pieces work but I am not an experienced Unix Admin so this
is not in my comfort zone.

I have update the settings for the memory allocation and have started the check out
of files from the internet. I think that I have all of the dependancies... I guess
we that will found out in a little while.

I am going to run outside and work with the tractor while the laptop downloads the
install files.......