Tram the G0759 Mill

I spent some time this afternoon building some tram aids for my G0759/G0704 mill. 

The tram aid tools allow me to adjust the head with fine detail when I loosen up the head. They are pretty simple to make... some steel, a couple of holes, and some tapped threads.

With the tram aids in place I then installed the tram gauge into 1/2" collet.

It appears that head is out of tram by 0.0065 inches over a span of 6 inches.

Loosen up the three bolts/nuts (not shown) and then tweak the 1/4" 28 tpi bolts on the tram aid until the dial indicators are where you want them.. then tighten up the head bolts/nuts again.

It took all of two minutes to put the mill head back in tram.

I am pretty happy with the mod to the mill and the new calibration tool.