2015 MNQP

It is kind of a tradition....

As long as we have lived at this house I have gotten on for the Minnesota QSO Party.  Sometimes it is a solo event and other years Ben (N2BEN) participates.

This year is a solo event. I am operating in casual mode as I did get an early start... I decided to go on a 5 mile walk this morning instead. Then I had to get a new version of N1MM configured which turned out to be a little challenging since I run Linux not Windows.


The score is ok for a very casual operating event. I am sure that if I had called CQ on CW or SSB that I probably could have put an easy 100-150q's into the log if I had wanted to  "run" vs operating "search & pounce."  Today was fun & casual which is a nice way to spend an afternoon in the shack.

2015:  8,000 points (part time casual effort - NG0R solo)
2014: 18,308 points (part time casual effort - NG0R solo)
2013: 43,792 points (NG0R + N2BEN)
2012: 25,050 points (NG0R + N2BEN)
2011:  8,282 points (NG0R + N2BEN)
2010:  7,074 points (NG0R + N2BEN)
2009:  2,668 points (NG0R + N2BEN)
2008:  4,653 points (first year with Ben operating)

73 de NG0R