June Rain

  • 6/3 - 6/4 - 0.375 inches 
  • 6/8 - 6/9 - 0.500 inches
  •        6/12 - 0.500 inches
  •        6/16 - 0.125 inches
  •        6/18 - 0.500 inches
  •        6/21 - 1.850 inches
  •        6/22 - 2.000 inches

It has been a cool & damp start to June. In our area we should be averaging just over an inch of rain a week right now which has not been occurring so far this year. The areas around us are getting rain, just not at our home. 

The garden is just starting to pop up (it was planted Memorial Day weekend which is a little later than previous years. The grass is growing extremely fast with the damp grey days. The bugs have been very minimal so far this season. Virtually no flying bugs through 6/9. The ticks seem worse than normal this year.

6/11 at 7pm. It is 74F outside. I just opened the doors to the garage to work on a project and I spotted the first mosquito of the season. --Wow, they are thick!