Arduino Keyer

I am working on getting ready to test the first prototype board (beyond a simple breadboard layout.)   --Check the end of the post for a updated notes

Version 01

JP1 is a connection to an I2C LCD
JP2 is a connection to an I2C DS1307 real time clock
JP3 will header connection for a 1/8" stereo plug for the keyer
The mini-din is the PS2 keyboard

I am working on a board layout that I run on my CNC mill for the first PCB test of the project. With some luck maybe I can try to mill out a board tomorrow night after work.  


73 de NG0R


PS.... three errors in the drawing that I am aware of right now. 

  1. Pin1 (reset)... remove the resistor to ground
  2. PIn20 (+5vdc) should have power
  3. Pin21 should not go to anything