October Rain

10/2 - 0.4 inches

10/3 - 0.2 inches

10/4 - 0.1 inches

10/5 - 0.3 inches

10/6 - 0.25 inches

10/11 - 0.5 inches

10/12 - 0.125 inches

10/16 - 1.75 inches

10/19 - 0.125 inches

10/20 - First (light) snow of the season  



Saturday 10/5: We have a very large storm system covering much of the central US. it stretches from Texas to Michigan. Our home has actually not received very much rain compared to our neighbors to the south in Nebraska and Iowa. Our neighbors to the west in North & South Dakota have gotten their first major snow storm of the 2013-2014 season. Lead, SD has received 43.5 inches of snow so far Friday & early Saturday. 

Sunday 10/20: The first snow of the season has arrived. It is intermixed with rain and converting back and forth as the wind moves the waves of moisture through the area. The thermometer at the house says it is 36.5F near the house so it is probably colder than that outside away from the house.  The flakes are big and wet and impacted the visibility while driving. The ground is too warm for anything to last right now but it is a sure sign that things have really cooled off.  The boys are headed to play paintball later today near Rockford, MN.