Fargo Hamfest 2013

This has become an annual trip for me recently.... 

Old guys looking at old radios.  :-)

A good turn out on a cool & rainy morning

Do you need a capacitor?

Do you need an old plug in crystal?

They had lots of tubes on hand for sale

Some more tubes?  Do you need a tube?

Guess what, some more tubes for sale.

Tubes in NOS (new old stock) boxes

Tubes from the MAN? (Does that mean that they will listen in on us?)

Overall I had a good time. The only items that I bought were a couple of mini-log books for my HF rig in my truck, and a QRP book focused on homebrew designs. In past years I had bought quite a bit of homebrew supplies. This year I had some restraint and decided that unless it had specific value for an upcoming project on my workbench it was not headed back to my QTH.

I spent quite a bit of time talking with my friends John, Ray, and Roger who were also in attendance but drove seperately.

73 de NG0R