KX3 + Quisk = SDR

I would like to use my KX3 to drive a KXV144 transverter to then drive my 902Mhz and 1296Mhz transverters.

KX3 + Netbook running Ubuntu 12.04.1 and Quisk

KX3 + Netbook running Ubuntu 12.04.1 and Quisk

The KX3 is a neat radio in that it is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) with the ability to support I/Q on receive. (Ok, the radio is neat for a lot of reasons but we won't detail all of the reasons in this blog post.) That means that I can setup a computer using SDR software to act as a PAN adapter (band scope display.)

I installed Quisk on a Netbook running Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS and then connected the I/Q output of the radio to the audio in on the Netbook. I then went into the KX3 menu and enabled the I/Q output.

  • Sure enough I am getting audio in Quisk.  
    --That is a great first step.
  • I tuned around on the radio and watch the pan adapter moved in sync.
    --That is a great second step.

  • I was also able to select audio within the pan adapter (software) and change signals without tuning the radio.
    --That is a great third step 

Summary: The KX3 with Ubuntu/Quisk is now step as an IF rig.  

Next steps: 

  • Measure the RF output from the Kenwood TR-751 that is currently being used as the 144Mhz IF radio in the microwave chain.
  • Connect the KX3 to the KXV144 and the align the power level of the TR-751.
  • Insert the KX3 + KXV144 in the RF/PTT portion of the microwave chain.
  • Coordinate a test QSO with someone (W0GHZ or W0ZQ) so that I can confirm that everything is working and try to figure out the math for 902.100 Mhz and 1296.1Mhz so that I can find the standard watering hole for the VHF/UHF contests.

The 2013 ARRL Jan VHF contest is this weekend. I would really like to have a bandscope for 902/1962 operation in order to help find and work some of the weak signal stations on the high bands.

73 de NG0R