CNC pcb milling day 2

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon working on the milling project again.

I made some serious progress on dialing-in the settings. It was a mix of software settings in Eagle + PCBGCODE.ULP + Mill setup.

This board is getting pretty close. I am probably about 95% of where I want to be. I think that I set the Z (height) access a bit too deep or this might have a complete success. If I had to solder this board up with parts it would have worked fine. (All of the connections were 100% working.)

I need to document my current Eagle and PCBGCODE settings before I make any more changes. There are a lot of suttle details that go into the initial setup. As long as I document them now I think that it is pretty reproducible without much work.

I also need to try to resurface my wood table so that it is "true" again. I bought this mill used so it has some hours on it prior to me working on it.  The extreme outside edges of the table need to be milled down to the same level as the rest of the table bed. At some point I will make another table but I think that this one has a lot of time left before it needs to be swapped out.

The drilling portion of this took about 8 minutes (something like 48 holes.) The milling (2 passes every where) took about 10 minutes. I think that with some GCODE optimization that I can likely reduce that by another  10-20%.

73 de NG0R