CNC pcb milling day 1

I spent several hours Saturday afternoon working on the CNC mill towards the goal of being able to mill a circuit board.

A couple of quick pictures from my iPhone while I was working on a dry run (above) and my first attempt with copper (below).

 Overall I am feel pretty good as I am close but not quite at the level were I am completely happy. I am probably about 90% towards my goal. Frankly if I was working with 1206 SMD parts I would be in good shape but I need more accuaracy than for 805 and drilled through-hole parts.

I need to tweak my milling depth so that I am not cutting away so much detail. I also need some time to work with Eagle on tweaking my layout a bit related to pad and trace sizes.

A great first day but I stil have some work ahead of me.

73 de NG0R