Monday Night Walk

I decided to go for a walk after dinner. I fired an application on my DroidX phone called "My Tracks" that my boss mentioned to me recently. It uses the GPS on your phone to help track your path while you are working (walking, running, riding a bike, etc.)

I had no idea how long on trip around our loop was. (It is ~0.6 miles)  I walked three laps (1.88 miles) in about 34 minutes. My pace was between 3.5 & 5.9 miles per hour. The loop is moderately hilly so it was a nice work out.

At the end of the walk I uploaded the info to my Google Docs folder. I was able to create a map of the walk, look at my stats, and it creates a log/journal of the activities.  I will have to try to get out walking more often and play with this software a bit more.

I was listening to a recent edition of TWIT on my phone via my Bluetooth stereo headphones while I was walking in circles. :-)