Spring has arrived

Ben (10) and I went out for a little storm spotter drive tonight. Actually we drove to a nearby hilltop and took a few photos of lightning one county to our south. The photo is nothing special but it was the first photo of the night and it had a bolt in it. (I only shot three images before it started raining, 2 of the 3 had lightning in them.)

It was kind of an interesting shake down trip.
  • The GPS + D700 are configured for APRS
  • The APRS configuration is now posting my info to Spotternetwork.org
  • My iPad2 is wifi tethered to my DroidX phone
  • Radarscope is setup on my iPad and it can talk to the spotter network
  • Ben learned how to use my iPad
  • We are able to get good radar info on the iPad in the field
  • We found a nice location to shoot lightning photos that has a good view looking to the NW-W-SW about 12 minutes away from the house
Overall it was a pretty nice spring evening.

73 de NG0R