Weekend notes

The weekend here was kind of a bust for me.... (It feels like that without having a project success of some sort)
  • Saturday morning I decided to relax and visit my workbench with the intention of building a direct conversion receiver on a breadboard. One little issue; I did not have any through-hole capacitors that were good at audio frequencies for a DC block. ---argghhhhh

  • Saturday afternoon I took my elderly HP606A signal generator over to N0FP's QTH for some troubleshooting. The last time that I tried to use it I was not getting any significant RF out of it. It is a nice 1959 vintage signal generator with plenty of tubes. One little issue, I am scared to death of tubes... those high voltages can kill you if you don't know what your doing. 

    We were able to get the RF going again but the CW tone sounded horrible. We spent 3+ hours trying to figure out why the tone was so harsh.  We swapped out tubes, measured the voltages, checked caps, replaced diodes in the rectifier bridge, but still never resolved the problem.

  • Saturday evening I bagged-up 15 bags of parts (mainly resistors) from my various bulk orders. (N0FP was looking for some resupply items for his parts box.)

  • I then placed a couple of orders for 12 & 16 gauge red/black zip line for making power cords, some Anderson Power Poles, and some UHF-->BNC adapters. (ebay was my friend)

  • The remainder of the evening was spent with the family eating pizza and watching a movie.

  • Sunday morning was spent getting groceries. (The three kids eat a lot of food during the course of a week.)

  • Sunday afternoon I cleaned the desk at the operating position of the radios.

  • I spent about 30 minutes talking with N0FP and W0RK on 75m SSB. (A clean operating position makes it easier to play with the radios.)

  • I then spent the remainder of the afternoon looking for parts at Digikey and Mouser. I pulled together a big order of parts, most of which was electrolytic capacitors. (Some for the DC receiver project, some for the HP 606a repair, some for the parts box.)
Now that I look back at the list that was a lot of stuff. I still am left wanting for some small project success to be able to call the weekend a success. --Clearly I am having an issue trying to relax.

73 de NG0R