St Cloud Hamfest

N2BEN (10) and I went to the St Cloud hamfest yesterday.

Like all good hamfest we saw the three requirements to call it a hamfest: 
tubes, crystals, and old soldering irons.

There was actually quite a bit of interesting ham radio gear on hand. It is nice to see radios at a hamfest vs all of the computer stuff from past years. There was quite a bit of newer gear in addition to some older gear.

After the hamfest several members of the Meeker County Amateur Radio Club met for lunch. You will notice that Roger is experimenting with some new callsigns...

And we have proved that Jason AA0II does NOT eat all of his vegetables!

Overall we had fun getting out of the house for 1/2 of Saturday with the mini road trip to St Cloud.

73 de NG0R