No Rain in Kingston

We live in Kingston Minnesota. It is a small community about 53 miles north-west of the Twin Cities.

There is something odd about this area. We are on some sort of weather line. The heavy rains tend to run about 12 miles south of us or 8-10 miles north of us. Unless we have a huge widespread event we generally don't get too much rain here.

A great example is that on a regular basis the area between Dassel and Hutchinson will get 2-3 inch rains  and for the same event we will generally get .25-.5 inches of rain in our bucket.

The radar image above is a great example. Granted this is only a trace so far, but when you watch it loop on the radar the initial rain front will break up as it approaches us and then reform a few miles away on the other side of us.

Your laughing at this post... but talk to the locals and they will back up this story 100%. As of June this year we will have lived in this house for 5 years. Our initial summer here was extremely wet (which figures because we did not have any landscaping completed, no grass, a rough driveway, etc) ever since then we have had drought years.

So far for this season we have only had .5 inches of rain in our rain gauge since our snow melted. (That .5" was about 12 days ago.)