EFHWA notes

I am planning to build a tuner box for an EFHWA (End Fed Half Wavelength Antenna) and was doing some research on what other people have done. (I have posted links in previous posts as well.)


VA3RR has a nice design. He has a tuner + a swr bridge (aka LED) that he can use for the tune up process. I think that Bob AD7BP was looking at building something like this as well.

I have the parts on hand to build a QRP version and a 100w version of the tuner box. I probably have the pieces to build the bridge as well. I am inclined to build a 100w version. Recently two of my three sons got their Technician license so I need to think about how to include them in the hobby. QRP is not a sport that I would throw a new ham into... it is better suited to an older hobbyist that already has Q's in the log and is looking for a challenge.

I am thinking that a nice EFHWA tuner + some pre-cut antenna leads will work very nicely with the FT-450AT that boys have. We recently bought the FT450AT to take on our camping trips, Field Day, and weekend visits to our extended relatives. We would like to have a nice little box with everything needed to play HF away from home. (I still would prefer to use my K2 but that is a QRP only rig.)

Maybe we can prototype the EFHWA on Sunday at the work bench.

73 de NG0R