K2 - 160m module - Night 2

I have partially resolved my problem.

It appears that my problem is within the 80m/160m bandpass filter.

For some reason L4 is extremely sensitive now. I can detune it with my hand or a plastic
screwdriver. After about 45 minutes of poking around with an RF probe I was able to
figure out that the problem is within the bandpass filter and eventually get
the circuit tuned up.

I am still not sure that 80m and 160m are 100% stable yet. I am getting 13-15w out which
is pretty good. I suspect that there is still a ghost in the circuit that I need to
chase down. Time will tell.

Top band sounds great on the K2.

I will probably move onto the transverter module and then home brew an "AF out" circuit.
I am really looking forward to being able to operate the radio and move on to a new