K2 - 160m module - Day 1

Since the other module went so smoothly I decided to start the 160m module as well.

This module started very nicely and was pretty quick construction. The toroids are
not a big deal any more since I have a solder pot to clean up the leads prior to attaching
them to the circuit traces.

Things were going all together too well... and then Murphy struck.

I am getting a "LO P" message on 80m and 160m. The relays work and I can hear signals
on 80m and 160m... but no RF. I am not exactly sure why at this point. I sent an email
to the reflector to see if one of the other K2 builders  has been thru this before.

I had about 60-70 minutes into this module when I got stuck and had to shift to troubleshooting