Geocaching 2009-02-01 GCYM2M

Find number 3 of 4 for the day. This should have been an easy cache to find.
This one was not only covered by snow (which we expected and planned for) but it was
also covered with ice. Luckily the ice was pretty rotten and Ben was able to remove
the cache.

This one might require revisiting in the spring as it might need to be moved slightly
so that it is hidden better once the snow melts. It could also use some cammo
tape instead of the electrical and duct tape.

This is a pretty neat cache. Nice container and I was surprised how much stuff you
can get into it. We also stumbled across our first Travel

N 45° 06.837 W 094° 32.286

We will be logging the bug ASAP and then trying to find a new home for it. I think
that we are going to go out tomorrow (Sunday) for a photo and geocaching trip across
west central Minnesota. I am hoping that we can find a new home for the bug at one
of our stops.

Ben was pretty excited when he found this.

Here is a link to the travel bug that we found:

Here are some interesting notes about the bug: