Geocaching 2009-02-01 GCH3W3

Find number 2 of 4 for the day. I had never been to this side of the park and
did not even know that it existed. This was a tough one as the GPS got us close but
it was slightly further away from the coordinates then we were expecting. Happened
to be snapping a few photos of Ben searching when I noticed something slightly odd
in the distance. Needless to say that when we replaced the cache in it's hiding
spot we covered up what I saw that clued me in. 

N 45° 05.289 W 094° 22.937

I like the wooden nickels. We are thinking about getting some made up when we are
ready to start deploying some caches of our own. A quick picture and then everything
went back into the zip lock bags and into the can... hidden from view.

A fun park... someplace that we will visit again!