Geocaching 2009-02-15 GC1HDNG

Ben and I were out running errands (picking up some supplies for his brother's project)
and decided to pick up a random cache while out and about. Random meaning that we
go to one of flashing POI (point of interest) in the GPS and look for the cache
without any info or hints.

After coming home it appears that several other people have not been able to find
it as recently as last weekend.

The dark color and how it was hidden make it easy to overlook while staring right
at it. Ben was really impressed with the size of the cache. It is the second smallest
that he has found. It is a fun cache because you drive right by it on the highway
but it is kind of out of the way to find a local road to get you back to the location.

It was slightly frozen in the snow/ice but we were able to free it in a couple
of minutes.

N 45° 31.077 W 094° 13.551