Wheel Chocks for the Roo

I decided to splurge and get some better wheel chocks for our Rockwood Roo. One challenge,
the Roo has the axles very close together. I stopped at CW to look at my options (I
need some other small items anyway) and decide get the BAL
Deluxe Locking Chock
. It is very nice except that it needs 2.5 inches of clearance...
I knew that it was going to be close... but not that close. I will need to stop by
CW and return it this week since it does not fit.

It should have looked like the picture below except that the picture below has axles
that are 6"+ apart.

I am also considering the Rotochock...
but it is a little more than I really want to spend.

Or maybe I will go the cheap skate route and do
something like this