RV's in the winter (I thought it was spring)

So, it is April 26th in central Minnesota. Last weekend I brought out Rockwood Roo
23B from from storage. Since spring had arrived and it had been above freezing for
a couple weeks I thought it was time to un-winterize the trailer. I blew out the antifreeze
and then filled the water tank with fresh water and took care of all of the waterlines.

Well this morning it is below freezing with a mild blizzard outside. (It is really
white with blowing snow... some parts of the state not to far aware are under a blizzard

Ok... I will start up the electric heater (since the trailer is plugged into shore
power) and drain the water lines. Easier said that done. All of the rain yesterday
iced up the door locks. So I went and found my small propane torch and warmed up the
locks so that I could get the key in. 45 minutes later all of the waterlines and the
water heater are drained and blown out with compressed air. I have a small portable
electric heater running in the camper to keep it about freezing since there still
might be a little water trapped in the lines.

I almost went camping last weekend.... this weekend I need to shovel snow. At least
the snow should be gone by Tuesday with some luck. Now it is time to get back to my
scheduled projects for Saturday that don't involve snow or ice.