Seisco SH14 water heater

I have been trying to get warranty parts shipped since 4/11 without success.

  • I originally called 5 times on Friday 4/11 before I got a hold of anyone. I was told
    that the parts should be here on Wednesday or Thursday.

  • I got another call from the service department on 4/14. They were confused and did
    not realize that they had already serviced my call. We discovered that they had not
    shipped out the order. They said that they would eat the cost and ship the parts 2
    day to get them to me by Wednesday.

  • I called them back on Friday 4/18 because the parts had still not arrived. They got
    lost in FedEx shipping in my zip code. They said that they would ship them overnight
    with Saturday delivery. The parts arrived around 1pm on Saturday.

  • Sunday morning I crack open the shipping box so that I can start the project. Lucky
    me... they did not ship all of the parts. I need the main circuit board and the temp
    sensors... they did not ship the temp sensors. I called them and left VM again asking
    for someone to contact me to ship me the right parts.

They must be a small mom & pop shop. 10 days from the original call and I still
don't have the right parts for the project. This tankless water heater is NOT that
complex. A couple of big 240vac relays, some temp sensors, a pot for adjusting the
temp, a couple of elements, and the whole thing is being driven by a simple MCU like
a PIC. (The chip is covered with a label so I can't get the exact model... but it
sure looks like a PIC.)

They are really nice people... but I just need the
proper parts to be sent out ASAP