The 2008 camping/RV season is near

I stopped by my friend's house where our 23'
Rockwood Roo
was in winter storage. After a couple of minutes of hook-up
tasks the Roo was on it's way home for the 2008 season.

The trailer seems heavier than I remember as I rolled through the hills of Meeker
. I think that I am sensitive to the big trailer and my old Tahoe. The Roo
is more than twice the weight of our previous pop-up camper. My Tahoe has
a little over 100,000 miles on it so I am little sensitive... I hear every pop, squeak,
ping, and knock. I probably won't feel better until I have a newer tow vehicle. In
all reality the Tahoe is probably just fine.

The trailer is now parked at our house. The battery has been reconnected and
the shore power is plugged in. If time permits on Sunday I hope drain the anti-freeze
from the water lines. I hope to do some modifications to the cabinets and shelves
this season to increase the amount of usable storage that we have available to us.

So far we have reservations for 4 trips in May and June. The 2008 season will probably
have a lot of weekend trips compared to previous seasons but most of them will be
two and three day weekends. Cristy and I have very different vacation plans through
our employers and this this year they do not sync up very well.

I doubt there will be any week long trips this year. (In 2007 we had two.)

It could be be interesting year based upon the current gas prices. I have noticed
that Minnesota
state parks
seem like they are booked with reservations much earlier than normal.
I suspect the economic recession is keeping people closer to home this year instead
of the more expensive trips cross-country.

I would like to try to go out for a weekend in about two weeks someplace relatively
close by like Sibley or Glacial
. A shake down trip is always a good thing. Typically there are some
small items that we are missing or need to take care of and a simple trip is good
for that. --I am also a little more cautious with the bigger trailer.