DSL in Kingston, MN.... Maybe

What a pain in the rear end.....

  • Embarq is the local telco in my area. They have NO plans to deliver DSL to my area
    as we are the extreme northern end of their exchange. So they said get a petition
    going with 40 signatures and they would consider getting DSL here.

  • Meltel is the other telco. I am within range of having them deliver a phone with a
    Kimball prefix + DSL. The area willing to deliver 1.5/512 DSL.

So your reading this going what is the problem. Well, I need to keep my two existing
Embarq numbers (home + home/office) and get a third line. The issue is trying to figure
out how to order an Adjacent Exchange connection.  Embarq says
they don't care... call Meltel. The really nice folks at Meltel are telling me to
talk to the Embarq folks.  Arrgghhh.

The folks at Meltel are really friendly so hopefully they can help me figure this
out on Monday.  I would love to be able to order conventional DSL and then get
rid of my Wireless Internet connection.