Canon XSi (Rebel 450D)

After searching around on the Internet for information I realized that all BestBuy
locations have received two Canon XSi kits for each location regardless of what the inventory is showing.

I called the BestBuy in St Cloud this morning. Sure enough they had it in stock. They
put it aside for me with my name on it.

My son and I drove up to St Cloud and picked up this morning. The battery is on the
charger right now.

I also purchased two 4gb SDHCx4 memory cards for it. I found some on sale for $27.
I know... I could have gotten larger cards... but then they would not fit on a DVD
when I create the two offline copies as part of my standard work flow. Until BlueRay
DVD writers are a reasonable price I will not use capture media in the field larger
than a standard DVD.

I will need to track down a spare battery online somewhere. I also need to test the
rest of my existing accessories to see if there are any other items that I need that
are not compatible with my existing gear.

I am excited to have the camera upgrade. Spring has arrived. That means springs flowers
and spring storms. Let the lightning begin... I am ready for the new photo season.