K2 - Night Seven

The Good:

I am into the initial alignment and testing phases of the project. That means that
I put most of the case together and connect the RF, Control and Front Panel boards
together. I ran into one little bug that I was able to resolve with a little bit of
trouble shooting.

The Bad:

I am not getting the exact status message that I am expecting from the radio.
It should come up with VFO A @ 7100.00c and that is not happening. I sent an email
to the Elecraft mailing list with some details and some questions.

It looks like a real radio now. It will be interesting to see what happens with this
status message issue. I will give the mailing list a little bit of time then my next
step is to probably call into tech support for some guidance. I don't mind working
through the troubleshooting process... I just need some hints of where to look next.  --Stay